Sabtu, 04 Juni 2016

News Article


In Humanities Faculty, there are some majors, and one of it is the  Japanese Literature. Now, we are going to talk about the lecturer and as well as the coordinator of the study program of Japanese Literature, a strong woman, tough, and of course beautiful that is  Idah Hamidah sensei. She studying graduated from Padjajaran University in Jatinangor take study literature program and then pursue the master degree at Indonesia University in Jakarta take linguistics subject. She move to Purwokerto on December 2004 assigned as a civil servant. Previously, she was teaching at the Faculty of Political (FISIP) before on the move to the Humanities Faculty (FIB) on May 2005.

In addition to her profession as a housewife and lecturer, mom with two children are also giving or involved in other information in the campus as source as well as counselors to student. One event is successful we interviewed, which are about student activities (PKM). On Friday, the college of humanities at one of the room are often used for seminars and socialization in the bulding of our faculty. The participants and guests many come from among the students.

Mothers who comes from the sundanese had argue to us last week, about student, she said  that student is a human gifted naturally with the process.  We had recorded some reviews on the socialization of the last Friday. And we all must know, that student activities by five of which is quite important and interesting, as follows :

·         PKM K ( Entrepreneurial) The students were given cash capital of twelve millions in one proposal.

·         PKM T  (The Application of Technology )

·         PKM C  (Find The Discovery)

·         PKM M (Commitments to teach) in elementary, junior, or senior high school

·         PKM P   (Research) This activities which is able to replace the thesis need not thesis, this activity is given credit and on the move by some institutions.

Here this a student who managed to pass the selection of students activities (PKM) in guided by Idahsenseiandconcidence comes from study program is japanese literature too ;

·         PKM P, The research from Humanities  Faculty, the proposal is about how to defend characters of Java High School level

·         PKM M, In the field service Teaching in an orphanage, in Kaliputih Purwokerto

·         PKM M, Community in Cilacap, Emprower teens to greet the day of independence of Indonesia.

We have managed to summarize the results of talks through the interview, that interest studentsini this activities is commitments to the community by teaching elementary, junior and senior high school. It proves that Idah sensei not just a lecturer, a very strong woman and beautiful, but she managed to guide her students deliver in a positive direction through some socialization and students activities.

Jumat, 27 Mei 2016

Book Review

" Fall in Love Secretly "
By : Dwitasari

     " Fall in Love Secretly " tell about someone who love someone. However, they can not say and choose to silent, watch and pray secretly. There are many different character which have different characteristic but same problem. For example, there is a man who love women. He was very care to her. Every time she need him, he always be there for her. Finally, he was falling in love with her but he was not tell to her. There is also a women  who love a man  but she consider to be a friend. For he was  boyfriend of  her patient which passed away.
Every people have  own way to fall in love without tell into someone. Every people also have own way to share happy and hide own cry.
     I really like this book because it is one of my favorite author. If I read this book, it same as with my experience. I also like every part of this book and enjoy to read it.
I recommended to read this book especially for women who love someone secretly.

Thank you :) 

Senin, 11 April 2016

Movie Review

 Furious 7 ( 2015 )

Cast :  Vin Diesel ( Dominic Torreto )
           Paul Walker ( Brian O’Conner )
           Dwayne Johnson ( Luke Hobbs )
           Michelle Rodriguez ( Letty )
           Jason Statham ( Ian Shaw )
           Jordana Brewster ( Mia Torreto )
           Nathalie Emmanuel ( Megan Ramsey )
           Kurt Russell ( Frank Petty )
           Tyrese Gibson ( Roman Pearce )
           Ludacris ( Tej )

Director : James Wan

Producer : Neal H. Moritz, Vin Diesel

Synopsis : 

Shaw is came back. He wanted to revenge for what happened to his brother. Shaw find out about Dom and his friends. They came to Hobs ( friends who cooperate with Dom ) and a fight broke out which made Hobs severely injured and had to be hospitalized. When Brian and Mia said goodbye to Dom, they suprised with a shipment from Japan which was the bomb from Shaw. At funeral of Han, all get together and remember about their stories. They said don’t want to attend the funeral again. At the moment, there was a car that was leering them and Dom know it is Shaw. Dom chase the car, there was accident and duel between them.
Ramsey is a hacker who has created “ God’s Eye”. It is application tool that can acces all communication. Ramsey was a prisoner of Jakande who want to get the “ God’s Eye “. After save Ramsey, she said that the “ God’s Eye “ wasn’t in her. She entrusted to her friend in Dubai. However, her friend sell it to Prince of Dubai and keep in his collection car in “ Penthouse “. At last, Dom and Brian successful to get the “ God’s Eye “.
Dom and team can find Shaw and ambushed him in a outlying place with “ God’s Eye “. But, Shaw very clever. He cooperation with Jakande to turn back to attack Dom and take over “ God’s Eye “. Petty said that the “ God’s Eye “ will be use to get Ramsey. There is no choice, Dom and Brian had a plant to resistant Shaw. Dom duel with Shaw and Brian look for the “ God’s Eye “. At the time, Mia told Brian that she was pregnant their second child.
Hobs know that Dom and team was terrible, he decide to leave from hospital and help them. After Brian can get back the signal program of the “ God’s Eye “, then Ramsey hack and take back it. in other side, Dom duel with Shaw. Finally, Shaw caught after a wall was collapsing and befall him. Then Dom duel with Jakande in helicopter. Dom try to took a bag which there was a bomb and throw it before he fall from helicopter and unconsciousness but failed. Hobs which see it, immediately took the bomb and threw it into the helicopter and sucessful to killed Jakande. When Dom was unconsiousness Letty came and told that she is still remember all of stories with Dom. Then Dom consious again.
Finally, Shaw imprisoned in a secret prison of CIA.  Brian and Mia played with their children in the beach. Dom, Letty, Tej and Roman observed from distance. On the road, when Dom remember the stories with Brian, then they are driving and said good bye each other to separate directions.

Review :
In my opinion, this movie is movie action must be to watch. This movie is very unpredictable and intriguing. Same as Fast and Furious previously. The old actor and the past story are come back. Some of the location is the famous place in the world. The car which use in the movie is the high-value cars. I wonder if there are rumors that this movie is one of the most expensive movie. All of the Fast and Furious movie has different story but has same goal. They produce this movie also still use automotive that is characterizes. The movie is also produced by Vin Diesel, is also dedicated to their friend Paul Walker which died because an accident. As we know, Paul Walker died when process make this movie and unfinished. In the last of this movie there was article “ For Brother “  that aimed to Paul. Even more remarkable this movie is the making of this movie uses CGI technology that makes Paul remains in the movie. CGI Technology is process makes figure or picture uses software in the computer. Technology which are in this movie like “God’s Eye “, it is something new that can be realized in real live. It’s so impressiveness. Not only that, old brother and young brother of Paul also involved in this movie. Good shooting technique makes this movie almost perfect. Soundtrack used also very support this movie. The tittle is “ See You Again – Wiz Khalifa feat Charlie Puth “ and others. This song can be compared when Dom and Brian say good bye and hopefully could meet again someday. I think this movie is great because I like action movie, moreover the actor is Vin Diesel. I will waiting the next movie and action of them, soon.
That's all for me. I am sorry if there is a lot of mistakes. Thank you :)

Senin, 04 April 2016


 A Ring
A circular ring on the finger
Gold-plated color
With diamond and jewerly 
So beautiful looked

A ring which is a marker
The existence a bond
A sacred bond
Sacred bond to the happy ending, forever...